FlexKom is a company that has been working tirelessly for the last few years to create the most powerful and most profitable customer system to hit any country in the last decade.


This is a fact. It’s not a possibility or a probability. It is a fact!
FlexKom have constructed the most complete and thought-out franchise system ever envisioned by a company.

Watch my video for the full FlexKom explanation.

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This may sound like hype, but when you see the actual results of the FlexKom franchise, you’ll understand what I mean.

It doesn’t matter if you have never run your own business before or even if you haven’t made any money at all. The FlexKom method is designed to generate an income for anyone who obtains a franchise license from the company (aka FlexKom GMBH, a global company).

FlexKom have structured the system in such a way, it has turned out to be genuinely the most elaborate and lucrative franchise plan on the planet (in my opinion). That’s right; simply complete a little legwork for a very short period of time (in the beginning phase) and for this effort alone, you’ll be making more money in a month than most medium size companies make in a month. Furthermore, even though you’ll own a FlexKom business franchise, you wont need any staff, customers, premises or overheads. What’s more, you won’t pay the standard company franchise fees like other opportunities.

IncomeI’d like to give you the real figures which you will be making once you are in possession of your FlexKom franchise license. But if I give the actual figures right here, it will only turn you away because they don’t seem realistic. Therefore, I’m going to dumb it down to a fraction of what you’ll actually be making with FlexKom. This believable figure is 4000 euros/pounds/dollars per month. If you can conceive earning this level of income every month, then carry on reading.

Because of FlexKom’s appealing and profitable franchise business system, it is attracting many countries (and customers).

The people who were fast and took part in the FlexKom business early on (in Turkey) will tell you how they quickly generated hundreds of thousands of euros (and customers), to the envy of those without a FlexKom franchise license. When you listen to these people, you’ll find it interesting because you’ll actually realize how you can generate the same amount of money in a similar period of time without looking for customers.

obtainerIt’s refreshing to learn that there is a franchise a complete newbie or a complete layman can run to make money, like professional experts who have been in business for a long time. This unique approach has become so popular, the Obtainer magazine has printed several articles regarding the customer company – Flexkom franchise opportunity which is currently making people’s lives better!
After studying everything about FlexKom’s opportunity, if you decide you want to be a part of the company, I’ll show you some amazing techniques and methods which uncannily work well with the m-commerce business you are getting involved with.
My easy-to-learn strategies work very well, almost with laser-precision, and this will allow you to make a lot more money faster with this opportunity, than if you tried to learn everything on your own.

My FlexKom study has been process-mapped on this site to make sure you learn everything in the order it is meant to be studied. So please make sure you start at the beginning and then follow the links to the next lesson when shown. The first thing to do is to watch my FlexKom opportunity video presentation above.

Once you’ve watched the FlexKom video, now move onto the next lesson and learn more about the actual FlexKom System. <<GO. This includes shopkeepers, customers, the company and the opportunity in general.

But, if you want to stay here are read some supplementary information instead of the lessons on the other pages, continue reading below. I’ll be rambling from here on and using technical language so you may not understand everything just yet…

FlexKom is an m-commerce company. I’m sure you’ve heard of e-commerce, but m-commerce is fairly new to the scene.
The M in m-commerce stands for mobile. M-commerce simply means that FlexKom is planning to use mobile phones (smart phones) to conduct business between shops and customers.

FlexKom doesn’t really have a product as such. It’s more of a system.
I’m sure you’ve visited several stores which have a loyalty card system for customers. As you continue to visit those outlets, you will accrue points on your loyalty card. All customers who hold a card with these outlets benefit from the points they earn, which they can eventually redeem for some cash or other product.

FlexKom has a slightly different take on the loyalty card system. FlexKom wants to market a worldwide loyalty card. Imagine walking into any business in the country and getting a discount on anything you buy, simply because you are in possession of a FlexKom customer card (aka FlexCard).

flexcardThat’s right! FlexKom’s plan is to have every shop owner accept a FlexCard. As customers visit these shops with their FlexCards, they won’t be accruing points. Rather they will receive cold hard cash on their customer cards, in the form of discounts (aka cash-back). All customers are entitled to this cashback by shopping at any business they wish.


The benefit to the customer who walks in with a FlexKom FlexCard is obvious. Shopkeeper benefits are explained on the relevant page (on the sidebar). But, in short…

  • the FlexKom store owner earns a royalty from all his customers who shop at other shops
  • he can build a database of customers for marketing
  • the FlexKom shop keeper can contact local FlexKom customers at any time with offers (spam free) via mobile video (m-commerce)
  • can connect with the FlexKom FlexApp which customers use.

More importantly, how can YOU tap into this customer driven FlexKom system and make a killing from it…?

How Do You Make Money With FlexKom?

There are 3 separate ways to make money from FlexKom’s franchise business model. You can utilise any one of them, or all of them altogether.

Before you can use any of these methods, you need to have a FlexKom company franchise license. The cost for this license varies so please contact me (for a current price) if you need to find out.

Once you have obtained your FlexKom franchise business license, you will be known as a coordinator or a franchisee. Some people like to label franchisees as distributors. But that term is not entirely correct. Distributors distribute something, and over here, you won’t be distributing anything, unless you want to, which I will talk about with the 3rd FlexKom income method.

Engaging Shops – The First FlexKom Income Method

As a FlexKom company coordinator, you will be entitled to visit any shop in the country and set them up to accept a FlexCard.

For every shop you setup, you will earn thousands of pounds/euros/dollars on a monthly basis from FlexKom.

As an example, if you earn an average of £2000 from each FlexKom retailer every month, can you imagine what your monthly income would be if you set-up just FlexKom 10 shops? What if you set up 100 shops? What about 200 outlets? How many months or weeks do you think it will take you to earn £20,000 per month (without any sales work)?
But like I said before, it’s difficult to imagine high incomes if you’ve never experienced it before.

The truth of the matter is, FlexKom is real and works 100%. These are not hypothetical figures. These are real, down-to-earth figures which are being earned right now.

These company franchisees combined the first two FlexKom income methods to make a great deal of money, which now continues to flow into their bank accounts every month. They didn’t speak with any customers directly.

shop1Practically, you only need to set-up a handful of FlexKom shops (aka FlexKobi) to make a very comfortable living. It’s not really a sales job. It’s more of an explanation task. You role would be to simply visit a local shop (or any shop) and explain the system to the business owner. Once you have uttered your first couple of sentences (which I will teach you later), the shopkeeper will listen quite attentively.
As you reach the end of your explanation, the shopkeeper will be begging you to connect him with FlexKom.
The shopkeeper will be required to spend a little money to obtain 2 items from the company, if he wishes to connect with the FlexKom system.

* A POS Terminal (for m-commerce) – €350 (to serve customers)
* A Batch of Cards – €1 each (to give to customers)

The shopkeeper will spend a few hundred pounds/euros/dollars but he will be making thousands more in return (from his customers), and that too on a monthly residual basis. His customers will multiply and he’ll be making a lot, lot more than he currently is. It will be almost impossible for him to not-connect with FlexKom. FlexKom will be almost vital to his business in order to survive (by keeping customers coming back for more).

With such a strong reason to connect with FlexKom, your task is made much easier. Businesses will be like putty in your hands. Your FlexKom franchise license entitles you to complete a company form with these retailers and submit that to FlexKom.
Once you’ve done that, you will earn the same amount of money (as a franchising license holder) as the shopkeeper. So if the outlet earns £4000 every month, you will also make £4000 every month for that single shop. If you have an agreement set up with 10 such businesses, you can only imagine the earnings.

Although this first income method is enough to earn you a life-long residual income, you can explode it exponentially with the 2nd FlexKom income method.

Imagine making 3 times more money for no extra work and without talking to end customers. That’s what the 2nd FlexKom income method will do for you.

Creating Partnerships – The Second Income Method

The first income method was about visiting businesses and connecting them with FlexKom. That is the primary business model (the loyalty card and the m-commerce system).

The second income method has nothing to do with sales or customers. Rather, it’s about creating franchise partnerships. This means, chatting with other people and explaining the FlexKom business opportunity to them. If they also decide to obtain their own franchising license after speaking with you, they will be counted as your franchise partners.

Although they are counted as your franchise partners, they will still have their own franchise business.

online-offlineYou can create partnerships online, without ever speaking with a single person, or you can create partnerships offline by meeting with people and explaining the FlexKom system to them.
To do this online, there are many places to create partnerships. One of them is Linkedin. I’ll show you how you can do a little internet & sales marketing once you get started.

Collectively, several FlexKom partners is known as a team. The benefit of creating FlexKom partnerships is the ability to duplicate your efforts without owning a few extra legs.

Imagine cloning yourself and sending each copy out to different shops all at the same time in order to maximise your income. Well, this is effectively what your FlexKom partners will be doing for you.

Although your FlexKom partners will be making their own residual income, you will also receive a share of it. So if you’re earning £25,000 per month from your own efforts, your team will explode that to a residual £90,000 per month. Can you see how this duplication/partnering method works?

When you create partnerships, it comes under the realm of MLM or Networking. MLM is not the primary business model here. The primary business is loyalty, remember? The MLM or networking side of things is there if you want to use it to build a team, and this is totally optional.Team
You can even use networking to create a specific number of partners and once you are done with that, you can then stop that side of the business. This means, you wouldn’t take advantage of the 2nd FlexKom income method anymore.

But think about it. If you introduce this opportunity to others and this explodes your incomes several times over, why would you want to stop it. I’ve made a good deal of money by simple networking methods, which I will teach you once you join me as a FlexKom company partner.

FlexKom also prefers it when you build a team because this means they have more franchise license holders visiting shops, and therefore, a greater profit is generated all around. A team = more sales = more customers.
More franchisees (coordinators) also means less TV and newspaper marketing for FlexKom.

In fact, FlexKom have gone as far as creating an elaborate compensation plan just to reward people who create partnerships in a structured way. The benefits awarded within this compensation plan is the best seen anywhere. This is because FlexKom studied numerous other plans and removed the bad while retaining all the best parts. This then formed the basis of remuneration for FlexKom franchisees.

earningsTo earn more residual income, simply climb the FlexKom marketing ladder. The more your partner earns, the more you earn as a result. This is why it’s desirable to create many partners, and that is where I can help.

To see how this opportunity works, download and wade through the opportunity brochure from the sidebar or read the FlexKom Compensation Plan page on this website.

The FlexKom brochure may be hard to understand at first, so make sure you read my FlexKom Compensation page beforehand.

Do you see how the company has structured the FlexKom business opportunity to such a degree that it’s impossible to dismiss the FlexKom franchise license outright? The residual income is just too lucrative to ignore.

Engage Customers – 3rd FlexKom Income Method – Optional

This concept is not really recommended unless you can’t, or don’t want to, utilise the first 2 methods.

Building your FlexKom customer business in this way takes more time than if you simply engaged outlets, as explained in the first method above. It almost resembles a sales job. However, some people prefer this due to their personalities.

Here, you would need to invest some of your own money to buy some cards and then you would simply hand these cards to customers yourself. As each one of those customers goes shopping, you will earn a share from their daily spend.

It’s quite simple and less hassle, but it does take a lot more time than simply visiting one retailer and getting him to hand out his FlexKom cards to his customers.

FlexKom doesn’t deal with end customers. That would be your job if you decide to engage customers with the 3rd FlexKom method. Handing cards out directly to customers will probably require you to stop all potential customers walking by. Explain the FlexKom customer card system to them and then issue them a company card.

2000 cards = 2000 customers = £4000 every month @ 50p per week from each FlexKom customer.

Although FlexKom customers is the key to your livelihood, you should decide which method to employ.

That’s all there is to this 3rd acquisition of customers income method.

Do you now see how the FlexKom opportunity has created a revolution in marketing for customers, businesses and for us (franchisees)? It’s a win-win-win + win situation. Customers win due to heavy discounts. Businesses win from their customers shopping around the world, earning them a massive income every month. We (franchisees) win by earning the same as each company or business we set up. FlexKom wins because they receive a cut of the loyalty proceeds as well.

europeFlexKom is currently operating in, and expanding into several countries. Namely these are: UK, Ireland and a few other European countries. Outside Europe, FlexKom is in USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya and a few more.
Soon, FlexKom will be in 50+ countries. The company already has millions of customers worldwide, but this is just the beginning. Their aim is to generate 500 million customers over the next 5 years.

Turkey was first to go live. They gained over 4 million FlexKom customers (alone) fast.

Each country has a head (someone in charge). I live in the UK and over here, we have Ian and Lesley Driscoll who drive the whole UK company operation.

Recently, FlexKom produced a remarkable app called “FlexApp“. This allows franchisees (us) to sign up customers and partners with a simple code on the phone. It’s totally ingenious. Customers are coming on board in droves due to the benefits this app offers. FlexKom is revamping the app to provide a better customer experience.


To run with this FlexKom opportunity, purchase a Global Team Member franchise license from the company website. This entitles you to earn from businesses and their customers worldwide. Remember to build a team if you want to propel your residual income level into the stratosphere.

If my ramble here has spiked your interest in FlexKom, then start at the FlexKom System page and proceed from there by following the links below each lesson. After that, if and when you are ready to join FlexKom, contact my via Skype, Email or Linkedin (details in sidebar) and I will help you hit the ground running.

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