The FlexKom System

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It doesn’t matter if you are a new to business or a seasoned professional. The FlexKom system is designed to accommodate all levels, and in addition to this, I will even walk you through your progression £4000 – £9000 – £20,000….

This business model is genuinely the most astoundingly thought-out system currently on the market. That’s right. Anyone who get’s involved, makes money. It’s practically impossible not to make money with FlexKom.

So make sure you scrutinize this site in detail as I explain the process and method to make money like never before.

Ok, so what is FlexKom and how does it work?

I’ve been working online and operating hundreds of different system over many years. In all my years, I have never come across an opportunity which is as brilliant as this FlexKom opportunity.

The primary activity of FlexKom is not MLM or Network Marketing or anything like that. This business model is based on franchising.

When you join the FlexKom opportunity, the company will give you a franchise license. This license will then allow you to take advantage of the company’s products and make an absolute killing for yourself, every month from that point onwards.

So if you join FlexKom today, you should have several thousand pounds or euros in your bank account by next month. You get paid daily direct to your bank account when you do the transfer from your online back-office. There’s no online payment processors involved with this system (an added advantage).

Your franchise license is similar to any other franchise. It is a legal entity which allows you to carry out business as part of the FlexKom group.
It’s just like Starbucks or Subway individual outlets which are franchisees of the main company. These are extremely successful businesses and that’s exactly the type of successful business you are getting by buying a franchise license from FlexKom.

This franchisee license will provide you with a life-long residual income which is a highly motivating factor. Best of all, you don’t need to do much work for it!

If you compare it with other companies who also offer residual income opportunities, you’ll find that the income only lasts as long as you use or sell the products of that company.
But with FlexKom, people don’t need to change anything from what they are doing right now. They continue buying, selling and living as they are now and yet, your residual income continues to come in and grow at an exponential rate.

The FlexKom system revolves around 3 things…

  1. A shop
  2. The shop’s customers
  3. A mobile phone

FlexKom has made it possible for shopkeepers and their customers to make or save lots of money through the use of technology. Nowadays, mobile phones have outdone computers. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a mobile phone.

Imagine this scenario…

You go into almost any small business in your area, such as a hairdresser, butcher, petrol station, greengrocer or electrical store. When you get there, you present a card. Because you have presented this card, that shopkeeper will give you a discount on any purchase you make.

You can present this card in almost any store and you can save money. Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t you visit these shops again and again if you knew that you can get a discount on your purchases there? Or would you go to the same type of business down the road which doesn’t offer a discount?

The card would be used as a loyalty card. Small businesses don’t usually have loyalty programs because it would be too expensive to set up.

Well, that’s what the FlexKom system is all about. FlexKom will set up a system whereby all small businesses can give their customers and non-customers a discount, while at the same time make thousands more in revenue due to the way the system works.

You may be wondering how a shop can afford to give away a discount and yet make thousands more in revenue. Continue reading…

When a shopkeeper makes a loyalty program agreement with FlexKom, FlexKom will provide that shopkeeper with a POS Terminal and a certain number of cards.

This is what the terminal and the cards look like:



The terminal will cost the shopkeeper about 300 euros and the cards are approximately €1 each.

So typically, the shopkeeper will order his terminal and will order 2000 cards.

Now, whenever a customer arrives in his shop, he will ask the customer – “would you like a discount with your order today“?

Do you know of any customer who would say no?

When the customer says “yes“, the shopkeeper will show him a Flexcard and say something along these lines…

Ok, here is something called a Flexcard. I will put a 10% discount on this card for you right now. That means there is now £5 (or €5) on this card now. It is real cash. Next time you come in here, you can use that £5 to buy something or you can get another discount from me and I will add another 10% on this card for you. Every time you come here, I will give you a discount and put it on your card, or you can simply pay for your subsequent purchases with the cash you have already saved up on your card.

But that’s not all. You see, this Flexcard which I am giving you is quite special. When you take this card to any other store where you see the FlexKom sign, you will also get a discount for your purchase over there as well. It could be at a petrol station or at your barbers. You can continue to put the savings on your card or you can use the savings which are already on your card to pay for something you want. It’s entirely your choice.

Furthermore, if you tell me what kind of products you like to shop for, I can input your preferences into my terminal here and then whenever any retailer in the local area has a special offer on the product that you like, you will receive a text message with the offer and the retailers name & address. This way, you can get your favourite items at much lower prices than you would normally find them. Possibly even half price!

These words of the shopkeeper pretty much sums up the benefits to the customer.

The customer is issued a card which he can use to gain a discount (onto his card) at that same store or any other store which has a FlexKom sign. In other words, these are stores that have signed up as FlexKom retail outlets.

The customer pays full price and receive a discount on his card. This discount is in the form of cash and not points. This means he can use it as cash at any FlexKom store, to buy any product. Alternatively, he can continue accruing more cash onto his card which he can then use later, or even use at one of the Flex stores online.

The shopkeeper can sell the card to the customer or he can give it away. It is recommended that he gives it away.

At the time of giving the card away, he should register the card to that particular customer via his FlexKom terminal. This will connect that card with that particular customer and that particular shop. FlexKom will now know which shop issued the customer with a card. This is important because the shop which issues a card to a customer has a huge advantage over others.

So what advantage is there is to a shop who issues a Flexcard to a customer? Let’s discuss that in the next lesson.

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