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FlexKom in the United States of America (USA)

A lot of Americans are becoming interested in FlexKom and the opportunity it offers.

It is indeed the best opportunity I have seen and is here to stay, unlike some of the Internet companies that come and go within a year.

FlexKom is a real business and has a real product/system. It works in the real world using cards and mobile phones rather than being solely online. See the following video to understand what I am saying…


Since America is a giant when it comes to opportunities and systems like this, I truly believe FlexKom will become one of the biggest companies within the Unites States within a few short years.

America is currently leaping forward faster than the European countries.

European countries had to wait approximately 9 months before everything was in place. Co-Ordinators are waiting impatiently for the launch date in September/October, and have been waiting since the beginning of the year.

America has just entered the scene recently and is in phase 1. This means, co-ordinators are being sponsored, country-wide, before the retail launch date.

The only problem is, the American leaders have missed out on all the developments, progression and detailed information disseminated over the past 9 months.

This is where someone like me has an advantage in terms of intricacies and development of the FlexKom system.

Furthermore, the FlexKom management has stronger links and relationships with the UK than it currently does with America.

This advantage should allow me to pass down vital information to my American counterparts faster than American leadership itself.

FlexKom training in the States is due to take place in September, but you can sign up now via www.flexkom.pw.

Although you can sign up via the FlexKom site above, I would rather you contacted me first, so I can place you correctly within a team of people where you can gain maximum advantage within the States.

You don’t need to find an American sponsor or scour the web for the best way to sign up.

I will help you all the way, by finding the best American sponsor for you specifically, and getting you off the ground fast. I’ll also be looking to place people under you.

Right now, America has officially opened up its payment system.  You can now get your license. The early starters will make the biggest teams and make the most money.

Currently, the US franchise license costs $2200 which may rise as time goes by.

If you are ready to register, get in touch with me and I will walk you through it. Otherwise, simply go to www.flexkom.pw, change the language to English and then follow the registration process. Use Google Chrome for an easy experience. But do try and contact me first.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me via skype or email. My details are on the sidebar.